About the Novel


"Stolen Moments" chronicles one woman's journey through a range of challenges, paying special attention to processes normally involved in an effort to find, keep, or reconcile the loss of a bond with another person. When she finds herself having certain feelings for a man who may not be what he appears, she becomes compelled to reconcile her own motivations and responses. Her portrayal of experiences over a period of time highlights qualities relating to courage, faith, and love in various forms.


Often times we become entangled in relationships that completely goes against everything we believe.  We find ourselves lingering for months, even years. Why do we stay? We stay only to end up with a lot of “Stolen Moments” that we can never get back.  I thank God He is one who can bring restoration.


May this book inspire you to spend your moments pursuing your destiny and purpose driven life.  My book is available at www.mjcreates.com and wherever books are sold.


As the words of my Pops ached in my heart and echoed in my ears, “I do believe he loves you, but he will never take you home.”

It was nine years since their last encounter. As they approached each other from across the room, her heart began to pound outside her dress….


It all started with a simple bet.  I promised to shine his boots if he would fix me dinner.  I enjoyed the meal and to this day, he never got his boots shined…