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Welcome to our Customer Service Training webpage.  Our 2-day training program focuses on customer service training skills and has been designed to help create a mindset dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service to both internal and external customers.  We provide interactive customer service activities to enhance the customer service experience.  We bring customer service to life.

The sole purpose of a Customer Service Professionals (CSP) is to 'create a custom to serve.' The CSP delivers customer service 'always with a spirit of excellence'  to satisify the customers. Your organization will only benefit through a strong customer service environment. Satisfied customers make loyal customers...and loyal customers come back, again and again.

I have been conducting customer service training classes to Air Force, Army, Defense Commissary Agency, Army Air Force Exchange, and Civilian employees since 2003. I have facilitated over 500 customer service training classes.

  We have a standard 2-day course, however, it can be tailored to focus on  specific areas of customer service.

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